Fullbody FFD Greylag Geeses from Tanglefree


Real Greylag Geeses from American Tanglefree

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6 pc Full Body Greylag Geeses fullyflock in best quality.
This decoys from Tanglefree is delivered in natural Size
1 pack contains 4-eating geese, and 2 with head up. 
This package consists of 2 pieces as the front with his head up, and 4 with the head down (eating) this is not depicted. 
Goose decoys with flock are produced in many different prices and qualities, these decoys from  Tanglefree is some of best and most durable on the marked at all. So remember not to only look for the price when you buy Flocked decoys, the cheapest pricing can quickly turn into an expensive price whose quality follows hand in hand with the price, as it often does with flossy decoys.
This Greylag Geeses are in stock, ready to delivery. 

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