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12 pack of Deadly Decoys Canada Windsocks

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Top Quality Canada Windsocks from Deadly Decoys hunters pack of 12 geeses with different head styles.

With 3D-Flocked heads

ackBone™ Windsock Support: Our support is what really sets us apart from other decoy companies. It took 3 years of extensive development and field testing of numerous prototypes before we were satisfied with this patented design. The BackBone™ fits nicely in our Deadly® Decoy bag. You can fit 150 headless and 50 headed decoys in the bag with the decoys full assembled.

1. NO WIND – NO WORRY: A normal windsock requires up to a 10 mph wind before you see good movement. With the BackBone™, the decoy is already off the ground and a whisper of a breeze results in some lifelike movement. Having a BackBone™  in your decoys on low and no wind days will increase you odds of a successful hunt.

2. REDUCES WORK: It eliminates the need to manually turn your decoys into the wind. The BackBone™ acts as a wind vane and the decoys freely self-orient themselves with even the slightest breeze. All you have to do is turn the blinds. It also eliminates the problem of the bodies becoming hung up on the stakes.

3. DECOYS LAST LONGER: Wear and tear on the decoy will be minimal since the decoy is off the ground it won’t rub or freeze to stubble or other debris on the ground.

4. STOPS ERRACTIC MOVEMENT: On high wind days the BackBone™ stops the erratic movements of windsocks. When the wind starts to howl you don’t have to adjust our decoys so the tail is against the ground or throw dirt clods in them to eliminate these crazy movements. The BackBone™ only allows the side to side waddling that imitates feeding geese.

5. RUGGED DESIGN: We hunt under all conditions. Rain, snow, ice, and mud are hard on equipment. Flimsy supports fail under these conditions. The No-Break Backbone™ supports reinforced design won’t and will withstand many seasons of hard hunting.

6. RETRO FIT YOU EXISTING SPREAD: The BackBone™ Supports were designed for our decoys but will work on almost all windsocks. They will fit on up to a ¼ inch diameter stake. Give your entire spread a full body appearance.

7. BEWARE OF IMITATORS: We are the only company with a patented and trademarked BackBone™ Supports. Our support is simple, rugged, and light. Don’t be fooled by imitators claiming they have the same thing…they don’t.

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